Social Studies Graphic Organizer and Outline Examples from Webspiration Classroom


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Webspiration Classroom applies visual learning strategies that engage students' learning in language arts, science and social studies and support planning and thinking. These graphic organizers are examples of how Webspiration Classroom's visual learning tools support student learning in social studies.

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Social Studies Graphic Organizer Examples

Cause and EffectCause and Effect

Cause and Effect



Cause and EffectCause and Effect

Cause and Effect


Causes of World War ICauses of World War I

Causes of World War I



China PoliciesChina Policies

China Policies


China Policies OutlineChina Policies Outline

China Policies Outline



Qin DynastyQin Dynasty

Qin Dynasty


Research PaperResearch Paper

Research Paper



World History GuideWorld History Guide

World History Guide