More Ways to Develop Literacy and Numeracy Skills with Kidspiration






More ways to develop literacy and numeracy skills

Created for primary learners, Kidspiration® 3 uses the proven principles of visual learning to strengthen literacy skills, build conceptual understanding in maths and develop thinking skills across the curriculum.

Instantly transform a diagram or mind map into an outline with Kidspiration.

The newest version of Kidspiration offers exciting new capabilities including 3000+ symbols, keyword symbol search, Word Guide, enhanced auditory support, new visual maths tools, and more curriculum materials. These added functionalities work together to give pupils more opportunities to explore new concepts, discover meaning and express themselves with pictures, text, numbers and spoken words.


New capabilities strengthen reading and writing skills
Kidspiration builds pupils' word recognition, vocabulary and comprehension using visual tools that combine pictures, text and spoken words.

  • Kidspiration Symbol SearchExpanded symbol library

    3,000+ symbols offer visual support for concepts taught in primary English, History and Science curriculum, providing pupils with more opportunities to express themselves visually.
  • Symbol search

    Pupils search for symbols by keywords to find just the right picture, image or symbol to express their thoughts and ideas.
  • Kidspiration Word Guide

    This combination dictionary and thesaurus supports vocabulary and reading comprehension with easy access to nearly 13,000 words. It includes sight vocabulary from the Fry's Instant Word List, Dolch's Word List, NLS High frequency words and aligns with TESL vocabulary to support ELL and ESL pupils. Each entry includes definitions, synonyms and antonyms, parts of speech, sample sentences, images and recorded speech to guide pronunciation of words.

Kidspiration Word Guide

  • Enhanced audio support

    Longer recording time encourages students to express and document their ideas. Teachers have more flexibility when recording instructions and comments. For ESL and ELL learners, teachers can record instructions in native languages to enhance student understanding. 


Kidspiration - New Maths View

New Maths View builds conceptual understanding in math

Now Kidspiration extends the proven principles of visual learning to mathematics. Combining the hands-on learning power of manipulatives with all the added benefits of computer interactivity, Kidspiration's new Math View and visual math tools help learners build a strong mathematical foundation to understand numeracy concepts.


Five visual math tools

Kidspiration's visual maths tools focus on the core conceptual foundations of counting, place value on computation and geometric thinking. Pupils build number sense and spatial reasoning and understand the meaning behind the four basic operations while communicating their thinking with words, numbers and maths symbols. 


Kidspiration Colour Tiles

Pupils use Kidspiration Colour Tiles to count and compare, explore properties of number and operations and develop computation strategies. With Kidspiration Colour Tiles, pupils learn to solve area and perimeter problems and model number patterns and the four basic operations.

 Kidspiration Colour Tiles


Kidspiration Pattern Blocks

Pupils use Kidspiration Pattern Blocks to investigate the properties and attributes of shapes through composition and decomposition. They produce patterns and tessellations, explore similarity and congruence, experiment with symmetry and represent fractions.

Kidspiration Pattern Blocks


Kidspiration Base Ten Blocks

Pupils use Kidspiration Base Ten Blocks to understand place value and strengthen number sense. With Kidspiration Base Ten Blocks, they count, compare, group, partition and create equivalent representations of whole numbers and decimals. Kidspiration Base Ten Blocks also introduce pupils to procedures for operations on multi-digit numbers.

 Kidspiration Base Ten Blocks


Kidspiration Fraction Tiles

Pupils use Kidspiration Fraction Tiles to compare and order fractions and to understand equivalent fractions. They find common denominators, translate between improper fractions and mixed numbers and model basic operations with fractions.

 Kidspiration Fraction Tiles


Kidspiration Fraction Boxes

Pupils use Kidspiration Fraction Boxes to represent fractions visually to build a strong conceptual foundation for future work with fractions. Pupils compare, order, simplify and find equivalent fractions. They use Kidspiration Fraction Boxes to model basic operations with like and unlike denominators. Kidspiration Fraction Boxes also introduce pupils to improper fractions, mixed numbers and representing word problems.

Kidspiration Fraction Boxes 


New features and functions make Kidspiration's math tools easy to use

  • Kidspiration Maths SuperGrouper helps pupils count, sort and show operations visually. Teachers and pupils label Maths SuperGroupers as a conceptual building block for word problems.
  • Maths Text Boxes document maths operations using words, numbers and structured frames. The Maths Text Box supports writing fractions, division problems and vertical maths notations.
  • The Step Workspace shows progression of work with a sequential work area to document steps while problem-solving
  • The Cross-Out Stamp gives pupils a visual indicator to use when they mark, take away or remove items
  • Multiple pages in a document streamline workspace management.

New educator-developed resources support curriculum integration

Kidspiration now includes more curriculum content, new teacher tools and lesson plans in English, Maths, History and Citizenship developed specifically forprimary pupils, along with 125+ activity templates.

Kidspiration now includes more curriculum content, new teacher tools and lesson plans in English, Maths, History and Citizenship developed specifically forprimary pupils, along with 125+ activity templates.

  • 125+ enhanced quick-start activity templates give teachers classroom-ready resources and provide a launching pad to customise and create lessons for individual learners, small groups and the whole class.
  • Tutorials provide a fast effective way to introduce teachers to visual learning with Kidspiration so they're successful from the start.
  • Teacher Resources Online provides additional lesson plans and activities.


Additional support for ELL and ESL students
Kidspiration uses proven visual learning strategies to build pupils' vocabulary and English comprehension with the integrated Picture and Writing Views, the new Word Guide, enhanced audio support and the new symbol search and expanded symbol library. In addition, Kidspiration emphasises the development and use of independent learning strategies, such as pictorial representation of thoughts and concepts. The new Word Guide includes an extensive sight vocabulary list, which aligns with Fry's Instant Word List, Dolch Word List, NLS High frquency words and TESL vocabulary.


Kidspiration keeps up with the latest technology
Kidspiration now supports higher resolution monitors with a larger visual workspace and is compatible with Windows® Vista®.