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Welcome to the What's New in Inspiration Maps page, where you'll find an overview of the latest updates to the app.

2018 Updates

See what’s new in Inspiration Maps Version 3!
Enhance your thinking with a new kind of diagram
Venn Diagrams: Create 2 and 3-circle Venn diagrams to show all possible relationships between up to three sets of items.
Brainstorm seamlessly using your external keyboard
Keyboard shortcuts: Take advantage of 30+ new keyboard shortcuts to avoid interrupting your flow to touch your screen. See a complete list of shortcuts in the Help.
Add emphasis to your words with additional styling
Selective styling: You can now make style changes to whatever text you have selected! No more being confined to one font, color, or size per topic.
Minor functionality updates:
Added “Split Topic” option in Outline view
Added “Select All” option in Outline view
The Help system is now easier to use
iPhoneX support
Bug fixes:
Export to Google Drive is now working properly
Improved auto-save to prevent data loss
Other usability and user interface bugs fixed

2017 Updates

What's New in Inspiration Maps Version 2.1.1

  • Dropbox API 2 support
  • Increased minimum spec to iOS9

What's New in Inspiration Maps Version 2.1

  • Inspiration Maps has been updated to support iOS multitasking
  • In response to customer request, the Share and Rapidfire buttons have been added back to the top toolbar
  • iPhone app only: The Symbol Library and Inspector are now located on the new bottom toolbar
  • iPad app only: The Multi-Selection button has been added back to the top toolbar
  • Bug fix: The bluetooth keyboard connectivity issue has been fixed

2015 Updates


What's New in Inspiration Maps Version 2

Version 2 was a big update for Inspiration Maps! We know you'll enjoy these improvements. 

  • iPhone access! Inspiration Maps is now a universal app that you can use on both your iPad and iPhone! Buy it once and get it on both devices (associated with the same Apple ID).
  • Lasso selection! We've done away with that pesky multi-selection button! Now you can lasso multiple objects by simply pressing your finger on the canvas for a second then dragging it across your diagram.
  • Buttons have moved! In order to de-clutter the toolbar, we've moved the Send button under the Wrench menu and the Rapidfire brainstorming button is now right at your fingertips - located above the keyboard while you type.
  • Un-linked Rapidfire! In addition to the Rapidfire button now appearing above the keyboard, you can now use it to brainstorm ideas that are either linked to your origional idea, or unassociated with it. To brainstorm un-liked ideas, simply press and hold the Rapidfire button, then choose the option that says "Unliked Rapidfire". 
  • Dropbox improvements! Document management just got easier! The Send to Dropbox function now replaces the previous version of the document, instead of making a copy.
  • Bug fixes. Of course, like in any update, we fixed bugs in order to make your experience with the app smooth and seamless.

What's New in Inspiration Maps 1.6.1

  • Fixed Document Picker bug with Google Drive. Now you can use the iPad's Document Picker to store copies of your Inspiration Maps documents inside Google Drive.

What's New in Inspiration Maps 1.6

  • Create and save your own templates. Now, in addition to the built-in templates that come with the app, you can create and save your own personal templates.
  • Store copies of your document in iCloud and other clouds. iPads with iOS8 can use the iPad's new Document Picker to back up copies of their Inspiration Maps documents.
  • Hidden symbols now move with their parent symbols. Just another way that Inspiration Maps helps you stay organized.

2014 Updates


What's New in Inspiration Maps 1.5

  • Updated for iOS7.

What's New in Inspiration Maps 1.4

  • Over 1500 searchable symbols
  • Record and attach audio to any symbol
  • Add written or audio instructions to any document
  • Flow chart symbols for showing process
  • Align, nudge and spacing controls to refine layout
  • Supports iOS 6 and higher.


2013 Updates

What's New in Inspiration Maps Version 1.3.1

  • Change link arrow direction to "in," "out," "both" or "none"

  • Email data loss bug fixed

  • Usability improvements


2012 Updates

What's New in Inspiration Maps Version 1.3

  • French templates and localization
    • Option to download French templates (no additional charge) 
    • French localization is supported (language displayed is determined by iPad settings for language and country)
  • Save and send files in PNG format 
  • Select and send multiple files at once
  • Use labels for hyperlinks 

What's New in Inspiration Maps Version 1.2

  • Work on files on either iPad or desktop

    • Use Inspiration Maps Version 1.2 with Inspiration 9.1 for the desktop to move your Inspiration diagrams and outlines between your desktop and your iPad  (requires Inspiration 9.1 and Inspiration Maps Version 1.2)
    • Use your existing desktop Inspiration documents on the iPad
    • Makes it easy to integrate iPads into your classroom curriculum
    • Continue working even when iPads are not available, but a laptop or desktop is.
    • New “Export iPad Inspiration Maps…” command allows you to export Inspiration documents into a format that Inspiration Maps on the iPad can read
    • New “Import iPad Inspiration Maps…” command allows you to import Inspiration Maps documents into Inspiration on your desktop
  • Spanish and UK English templates and localization

    • Option to download Spanish and UK English templates (no additional charge) available in Inspiration Maps 1.2
    • Inspiration Maps is localized in Spanish and UK English - the app will automatically load in US English, UK English or Spanish depending on the iPad's settings for language and country.
  • Documents created in Inspiration Maps Lite can be opened in the paid version of Inspiration Maps

What's New in Inspiration Maps Version 1.1.1

Inspiration Maps 1.1.1 is a minor update to fix these issues:

  • For diagrams with two or more notes - fixed errors when printing or exporting to PDF
  • Restored WSIWYG printing of diagrams (hidden notes stay hidden when the diagram is printed)

What's New in Inspiration Maps Version 1.1

  • Email or export diagrams or outlines in vector PDF format
  • Optimized for the Retina display
  • Enhanced graphic quality of "Save to Photos" feature
  • More efficient use of memory
  • Improved performance


We appreciate your feedback! You can reach us from within the app by tapping the Wrench icon on the toolbar, then tapping "Send Feedback". Or you can can always send an email to customerservice@inspiration.com.