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Educators around the world are incorporating Inspiration®'s visual learning methodologies across the curriculum in English, humanities, science and more. Find examples and resources to get started integrating Inspiration into your classroom!



Thinking and Planning




Using graphic organisers, english students learn to gather, analyse and evaluate increasingly complex information for writing essays and communicating understanding.

  Inspiration helps students bridge the gap between visual and verbal modes of expression as they brainstorm, draft and revise their writing as in this Macbeth diagram.

A definition web like Serendipity above gives students a deeper understanding of new vocabulary words or concepts, while comparing books or individuals, such as Charlotte Brontë and Jane Eyre comparison, strengthens students' analytical skills. 

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English Presentation Manager Examples:

Glass Menagerie
Charles Dickens



Inspiration helps middle and high school humanities students organise information so they can draw conclusions, track major historical movements and relate their knowledge of the past to present-day issues.

Students can also use Inspiration to organise and present research as in Southwest Asian Agriculture.

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Humanities Presentation Manager Example:




Inspiration gives students the tools to analyse, interpret, illustrate and present complex scientific concepts. Working in Diagram View helps them see how concepts are related, while the integrated Outline View provides an easy way to bring writing into the science curriculum

 Use Inspiration® in science to deepen students' understanding of concepts, as in Chemical and Physical Changes.


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Science Presentation Manager Example:

Carbon Footprint


Thinking and Planning

From organising portfolios to planning research projects, students use graphic organisers to plan their work, resulting in better-organized projects. Teachers and administrators use Inspiration to plan and develop curriculum, organise collaborative projects for students, and handle a variety of administrative and project-management tasks.

Inspiration makes planning easy and productive, with a visual approach to brainstorming and organising for both teachers and students.


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Thinking and Planning Presentation Manager Examples:

Effective Presentations