Turn the iPad® into a Knowledge Creation resource with Inspiration® Maps


 Inspiration Maps


Inspiration Maps participates in Apple's Volume Purchase Programme for Education

New!  Templates available in French, Spanish and UK English



Inspiration Maps brings visual thinking to the iPad.


With Inspiration Maps you can:

  • Brainstorm and visualise ideas with maps and diagrams
  • Organise thoughts and information
  • Make sense of complex concepts and projects
  • Build critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • Organise for studying and build study skills and note taking skills

"When working with students, they can use one of the many themed-templates to structure their thoughts. It is great that so many English examples are there to help with character analysis, essay outlines, plot analysis and more. Other templates really support learning across the curriculum and they can easily be adapted for other learning objectives." - Steve B.

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Create and connect with Diagram View

Using visual maps and diagrams such as webs, concept maps and graphic organisers, analyse information, create and connect ideas, and understand and retain concepts. Brainstorm and capture ideas quickly, dissect complex topics, and build critical thinking skills.


Boost planning and organisational skills with Outline View

Outline View gives you the tools to structure thinking, organise writing, order topics and plan projects. Rearrange, hide and reveal topics, subtopics and notes to analyse and organise work. Learn how to outline and how to study with visual thinking.


Inspiration Maps helps anyone visualise and develop ideas, analyse and organise information, and understand and retain concepts.  

Turn the iPad®  into a Knowledge Creation resource with Inspiration®  Maps.


Product Reviews: 

"Inspiration Maps for iPad makes impressive debut" By: Chuck Frey, The Mind Mapping Software Blog

"Inspirational Organization" By: Lisa Johnson, TechChef4u



Check out this podcast and demonstration of Inspiration Maps: Click here to watch the video!




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  Inspiration Maps is available for volume purchase through the Apple Volume Purchase Program for Education.

**** IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are exchanging files between between Inspiration on the iPad and Inspiration on the computer,  Inspiration Maps 1.4 requires Inspiration 9.2 IE to exchange files.