Inspired Learning Community Terms of Use

Following are simple terms to guide usage of this site. In the spirit of an online community, everyone is allowed to participate, with or without creating an Inspired Member account. It would be unfortunate for people to take this as an opportunity to post malicious or inappropriate content. We are looking for respectful and conscientious people to participate in the community. No personal attacks will be tolerated. Everyone should respect others' opinions and work. If you are a victim of a personal attack, please contact us.

Publishing offensive, erroneous or inappropriate content is prohibited. If you notice any such content on the site, please contact us. When uploading a file, you confirm and acknowledge that it is free of rights and that you are the author or owner. Any violation of these rules shall lead to immediate expulsion of the responsible member from the community.

Inspiration Software maintains the right to remove any material or content deemed offensive, erroneous or inappropriate for the Inspired Learning Community.

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