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What types of files can Inspired Members upload?

The community supports the Inspiration formats (.isf), Inspiration templates (.ist), InspireData formats (.idf), Kidspiration formats (.kid) and Kidspiration templates (.kia).

What version of the software is required for creating and uploading files?

We recommend that you use the most current versions of Inspiration Software programs. The site will support Inspiration 7.x and higher, InspireData 1.x and Kidspiration 2.x and higher.

The most current versions of Inspiration Software programs are Inspiration 8.0b, InspireData 1.0a and Kidspiration 2.1b. Updates and upgrades are available.

How do I upload my files?

To upload your files, select the Share your lessons button or the Share tab on the Lessons & Ideas page and follow the steps. Only the title, the file itself and the descriptions are mandatory, but we highly recommend that you fill in the other fields and give your files a “tag,” which is like a keyword or category label. This will facilitate a better search functionality.

Can I modify or delete my file once it's online?

Yes, you may at all times modify or delete a file that belongs to you.

To delete a file, click on Delete on the file's page.

To modify a file, upload the new file first just as you would any other new file.
Then, delete the old file by clicking on Delete on the old file’s page.

Can other Inspired Members modify my files or can I modify another Inspired Member's file?

No, members cannot modify each others' files. You alone are responsible for what you upload. You may however save a file that was created by another member to your computer for your personal use.

I would like to expand on someone else's file. How do I do that?

You may download the file, open it in the correct program and modify it as you wish. If you want to publish the new file as your work, go through the uploading steps as described above. Please note that you cannot replace the original file with your new file if you are not the author of the original work.

What version of the software is required to download files?

With over 25 million worldwide users of Inspiration Software programs, it is fair to expect that the files shared on this community site will be saved in different versions of their respective programs. Using the latest version of each program ensures that you will be able to open and use any file created in that program. You may download a complimentary 30-day trial or upgrade to the most current version.

How do I create a thumbnail image for my InspireData lesson?

Thumbnail pictures for InspireData lessons must be created and uploaded separately. Capture and save a screenshot of the plot or image you would like to associate with your lesson or idea, then add it with the "Attach new file" tool. If necessary, click on the radial dial "Select as preview image for this lesson."

What is a Lesson Spotlight?

A Lesson Spotlight focuses on a file that has been ranked as one of the best by the community. People rank based on a criteria of clearness, structure, presentation, pertinence of the information, etc.

Is my file copyrighted?

No, your file is not officially copyrighted. As stated in the Terms of Use, when uploading a file, you confirm and acknowledge that it is free of rights and that you are the author or owner. If you want to add a protection license such as a Creative Commons, please visit to get more information.

What is a Creative Commons license? How can I add a Creative Commons protection license to my file?

Creative Commons licenses are simple to use, non-exclusive authorization licenses that allow authors of material posted on the Internet to give some rights to the general public while preventing commercial use. To learn more about Creative Commons licensing, please visit

What use of the files is allowed?

Files may be used for personal and educational purposes as long as the author and source are mentioned. Commercial uses are not permitted.

Can anybody upload files to the site?

Only Inspired Members are allowed to upload files. See How the community works or Your Account above for more information.

Who is allowed to download the files from the site?

Only Inspired Members are allowed to download files. See How the community works or Your Account above for more information.

Is there a maximum number of files I can download?

There is no limit - you may download as many files as you like.

Is there a maximum size limit the files I am uploading can be?

Yes. The maximum file size per upload is 2 MB.

Is downloading free?


How can I search for a file in the most effective way?

You can start by searching with keywords under Search Lessons & Ideas in the top right corner of the site. This powerful search tool will return found files with the search word listed in the title, description, tags and in the file itself! For example, if there is an example about Julius Caesar that includes Rome as a topic, typing “Rome” in the search field will return this Julius Caesar example.

Please note: Indexing is performed every 60 minutes, so you can expect a delay between the time you publish a file and when it becomes searchable.

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