About the Inspired Learning Community

The Inspired Learning Community is an online community for finding ideas and accessing numerous resources related to the effective use of Inspiration Software products. The community is open to everybody. There are no restrictions concerning a user’s geographical location or age. Everyone is welcome to visit the site and participate in the community, as long as they respect the Terms of Use. Visitors are welcome and can choose to create Inspired Member accounts whenever they want. Visitors can browse and search lessons & ideas, view discussions in the Forum and read Blogs and comments. Inspired Members can upload and share their own lessons and ideas, join a discussion in the Forum and post comments on the Blog. Inspired Membership is strongly encouraged – it is free and will help build a strong community for the benefit of all participants. This is the place to be inspired and to inspire others!

More about the resources you’ll find on the Inspired Learning Community site:

  • Go to Lesson & Ideas for an extensive collection of diagrams, databases and plots adapted to different curricular and subject-matter areas. Choose to browse and download materials, or upload and share your own!

Welcome to the Inspired Learning Community, a place for educators to share lesson plans, examples and ideas for learning with Inspiration®, InspireData®, Kidspiration® and Webspiration Classroom™ service.


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