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InspireData Activity - Birthday Data for Elementary School

InspireData Activity - Birthday Data for Elementary School

InspireData Activity - Birthday Data for Elementary School

Submitted by Meg Courtnage on Tue, 12/16/2008 - 11:20.

Description :

This versatile InspireData birthdays database can be used to collect and analyze student data (gender, birthday month, birthday day, favorite birthday cake) in the elementary classroom. Adjust the focus of the activity to meet grade level and curricular needs.

Two files are attached:

1) Birthday Data.idf (find this by clicking on the yellow Download File button) provides a table to collect student data. Data can be entered directly, or publish the corresponding e-Survey to collect data via an online survey. Completion of the e-Survey can be assigned as homework, so students are ready for data analysis when class begins. The survey contains questions that will yield categorical and numerical data, allowing you to teach a variety of topics across the grade levels. Add or delete columns in the table based on your students’ needs and the type and amount of data you want to collect. Have students analyze the data using a variety of plots and statistical measures, or focus on one concept specific to the unit you are teaching.

2) Birthday Data Exemplar.idf (listed below as an attachment) contains sample data and slides to get an idea of what a completed project might look like.

This activity was created using InspireData 1.5, which must be installed to open the files. Download a 30-day free trial at href="http://www.inspiration.com/freetrial">www.inspiration.com/freetrial or if you have InspireData 1.0, download a complementary upgrade.

Birthday Data Exemplar.idf88.6 KB
Birthday Data image.gif20.28 KB

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