Mona Westhaver, President and Co-founder of Inspiration Software

Welcome to Thinkspiration™, the Inspiration® Software blog dedicated to being an informative resource and a place to stimulate discussion around education. Here we reach out to help all students learn to think, communicate and learn. As president and co-founder of Inspiration Software, I have a passion for helping people learn to clarify thoughts and feelings and to communicate knowledge and views in a positive way. I believe that knowledgeable people who communicate well create positive change in the world. I also believe in the importance of helping our youth discover and embrace individual learning styles in order to become enthusiastic lifelong learners. With more than 30 years’ experience in visual thinking, systems thinking, and educational learning tools and technology, I look forward to sharing some of my experience and passion here with you.

Our blog creates a space in which parents, educators and educational experts at all levels of experience are welcome. It is a place to exchange ideas, research, news, trends and lessons to help students achieve their highest potential. Inspiration Software is the leader in visual thinking and learning, and we want to continue to serve the education community–by helping educators develop skills and utilize tools in the classroom that improve student understanding, comprehension and success while brainstorming, reading, writing, planning and studying.

I make an active effort to highlight and explore a broad range of educational topics, including critical and creative thinking, reading and writing strategies, and learning and study skills. The Common Core State Standards also factor into our content as well as Inspiration seeks to assist educators in meeting these new benchmarks. In addition, I will bring you the latest news on funding, technology and thinking resources for schools. It is my goal and intent to keep you informed on the topics that are of most importance to you and to your students’ learning.

As each post builds upon its predecessors and creates a body of knowledge, I encourage you to join the conversation by commenting on our blog, following us on Twitter and posting to our Facebook page.

Together we can explore the value of different learning styles, educational strategies and innovative technology to help us enthusiastically achieve our shared goal of making a positive difference in students’ lives. With your help and that of the worldwide community of educators, we can inspire students to attain success in the classroom as well as develop the skills to be avid lifelong learners in all of their endeavors.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Mona Westhaver
President and Co-founder, Inspiration Software


About this Blog
Thinkspiration is written by President and Co-founder Mona Westhaver, who leads the direction and focus of Inspiration Sofware. She has more than 30 years’ experience in visual thinking, systems thinking, and educational learning tools and technology. She is passionate about helping people learn to clarify thinking and feeling and to communicate knowledge and views in a positive way. Visit our website to learn more about Mona and the Inspiration Software team.

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