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GUEST POST: Using Mind Mapping to Foster Divergent Thinking

Tweet Using Mind Mapping to Foster Divergent Thinking The biggest challenge facing our educational system today is the traditional learning model that leads our children to think irrationally. Thankfully, mind mapping has emerged as an incredible tool that gives students the skills they need to think creatively and logically. The process of mind mapping inherently Read more »

Reading and Reflecting: February Themes at Inspiration

Tweet Happy February, readers! As it’s the first full week of our shortest month we’ve got some previews to share with you. This month you’ll notice two intertwining themes in not only our blog content but the rest of our social media work as well. Inspiration’s Common Core theme of the month is Close Reading. Read more »

QUICK LESSON: Take Notes In Webspiration Classroom

Research Template in Webspiration Classroom

Tweet Webspiration Classroom™ service is a great tool for taking notes. Students can quickly jot down ideas during a class lecture, while reading a book, when researching for a paper or more. Taking notes in Webspiration Classroom can help students remember key points and help keep you organized. In this Quick Lesson Idea you’ll learn Read more »

Constructivist Theory Inspired Learning

Constructivist Theory or Constructivism

Tweet Constructivist theory or constructivism is a learning model that empowers students to learn through their own classroom-guided experiences and reflect upon those experiences. Let’s talk more about this learning model today, and how visual thinking and learning tools can support this type of learning.

INSPIRED SITE: Fourth Grade Lessons in Inspiration

Fairfax County Schools in Virginia

Tweet This week’s featured Inspired Site by Fairfax County Schools in Virginia, highlights technology lessons for fourth graders using Inspiration®. This site provides lessons and suggestions that you can use to meet the Virginia Standards of Learning.  

QUICK LESSON: Visual Learning Maps Explained

Mind Map Example

Tweet Before joining Inspiration® Software, I was exposed to a few visual learning strategies as pre-writing and brainstorming tools. In fact, I would argue that many of us who are not formal educators or studied in this area have informally used visual learning techniques at some time or another without ever knowing the proper name Read more »

How Visual Learning Supports Writing

Tweet At our most recent webinar on transforming struggling students into proficient thinkers and writers with Webspiration Classroom™ service, one of our attendees asked a fabulous question: How does visual learning improve students’ writing skills? While we often say that our visual learning tools, like Kidspiration®, Inspiration® and Webspiration Classroom, improve writing and support the Read more »

Secrets to Studying: Confessions of a Visual Learner

Tweet It took me years to figure out how to read for meaning and effectively study for exams. Then I discovered ways to organize work into a map or image that I could visualize in my mind. I found that by doing so, I could grasp and retain information for longer periods of time, which Read more »

Anchor Students’ Learning Before Winter Break

Tweet Winter break is just two weeks away for many school districts. From now until the bell rings in mid-December, you may find your students restless and daydreaming about sleeping in, playing in the snow or enjoying a homework-free couple of weeks. Educators often say that the biggest challenge at this time of the year Read more »

How the Brain Creates Meaning

Tom Wujec on

Tweet Visual thinking helps students understand new concepts and retain knowledge, but what’s the brain function behind visual learning? How does visual information help a student’s brain create meaning and knowledge? Recently I watched a speech by Tom Wujec at a TED conference in February 2009 discussing this exact process.1 In the first six minutes, Read more »

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