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Thinking in Pictures With Inspiration

Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds

Tweet In Temple Grandin’s inspiring speech on titled “Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds,” she talks about how – as an autistic mind – she sees and thinks about the world around her in pictures.1 Grandin describes the minds of children and adults on the autism and Asperger spectrum as being Read more »


May Inspired Calendar

Tweet This month we have lesson plans across countless subject areas for Inspiration®, InspireData® and Kidspiration®. Discover how you can better incorporate these visual learning tools into your lesson plans and classroom activities with the following examples created by other educators just like you! Do you have any lesson plans that you’ve created that would Read more »

Begin With the End in Mind: Purposeful Visual Learning

Post 33 Visual

Tweet It’s widely understood that visual learning can improve students’ comprehension, retention and critical thinking in the classroom. Yet, you can’t just throw any visual learning activity into an assignment and expect enormous results from your students. These visual learning tools, be it graphic organizers, compare and contrast diagrams, plot summaries or character analysis webs, Read more »

INSPIRED SITE: Get Started on Webspiration Classroom

Step-by-step instructions by Andy Mann, from Calhoun Intermediate School District in Michigan

Tweet Follow these step-by-step instructions by Andy Mann, from Calhoun Intermediate School District in Michigan, to get acquainted with our newest web-based tool. At the end of these instructions, you’ll be able to successfully show the similarities and differences between two ideas through Webspiration Classroom™ service’s visual learning tools that will help you better visualize, Read more »

Webspiration Classroom From Bloom’s Perspective

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Tweet A couple weeks ago, Pete MacKay featured an infographic recommended by educator Linda Hyler on The Teacher List, a weekday newsletter highlighting interesting sites around education.1 This infographic places digital, Web 2.0 tools into Bloom’s Taxonomy, making it Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. While reviewing the diagram, I was thrilled to see our newest online writing, visual thinking Read more »

How Visual Learning Supports Writing

Tweet At our most recent webinar on transforming struggling students into proficient thinkers and writers with Webspiration Classroom™ service, one of our attendees asked a fabulous question: How does visual learning improve students’ writing skills? While we often say that our visual learning tools, like Kidspiration®, Inspiration® and Webspiration Classroom, improve writing and support the Read more »

How the Brain Creates Meaning

Tom Wujec on

Tweet Visual thinking helps students understand new concepts and retain knowledge, but what’s the brain function behind visual learning? How does visual information help a student’s brain create meaning and knowledge? Recently I watched a speech by Tom Wujec at a TED conference in February 2009 discussing this exact process.1 In the first six minutes, Read more »

Collaboration on the Forefront of K-12 Technology


Tweet Technology in the last five to ten years has dramatically affected the way we communicate and collaborate. Students today, who are the digital natives of our world, communicate naturally through programs on computers and applications on mobile devices. Between texting, social networks and email, students understand that our world collaborates and communicates via technology Read more »

Do You See What I’m Saying?

Tweet I’m a visual thinker. This means that if you ask me for directions to the library down the street, I will give you vivid images with colorful landmarks that point you in the direction of where you need to go. I dream in color and I perform well on tests when I’ve reviewed a Read more »

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