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Reading and Reflecting: February Themes at Inspiration

Tweet Happy February, readers! As it’s the first full week of our shortest month we’ve got some previews to share with you. This month you’ll notice two intertwining themes in not only our blog content but the rest of our social media work as well. Inspiration’s Common Core theme of the month is Close Reading. Read more »

INSPIRED SITE: Kidspiration Templates, Activities and How-to’s


Tweet Earlier this month, we featured the Jordan School District’s website for its Inspiration® templates. For this week’s featured Inspired Site, I’d like to highlight the fact that the website’s section on “Transforming Teaching Through Technology” also has a great resource for Kidspiration®! On this site, you’ll find a collection of basic templates to help Read more »

INSPIRED SITE: Inspiration Templates for Graphic Organizers


Tweet Happy Fourth of July! This week’s featured Inspired Site is the Jordan School District’s website on “Transforming Teaching Through Technology.” In this section, you’ll find Inspiration® templates for graphic organizers that include the following: categorization, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, concept map, descriptive pattern, listing pattern, vocabulary building, problem-solution pattern, sequence pattern, word Read more »

INSPIRED SITE: Literacy Activities Using Inspiration

Technology Assisting Literacy Knowledge (TALK) at the Fayette County Schools in Kentucky

Tweet Check out this week’s featured Inspired Site, which includes countless literacy templates by Technology Assisting Literacy Knowledge (TALK) at the Fayette County Schools in Kentucky. When you go to the school’s page for lesson plans around literacy, you’ll find lesson plan ideas ranging from Edgar Allen Poe to Julius Caesar, endangered animals, Native Americans, Read more »

INSPIRED SITE: Kidspiration Examples By Subject Area

Wacona Elementary School in Georgia

Tweet This week’s featured Inspired Site by Wacona Elementary School in Georgia, highlights some examples of ways to use Inspiration® and Kidspiration® in the classroom. These examples are listed by the following subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. This site will help you get started on these tools, as well as provide Read more »

QUICK LESSON: Improve Lesson Distribution in Webspiration Classroom

QL 7 Template

Tweet On our website, we talk about how Webspiration Classroom™ service can improve the student-teacher work flow. In Webspiration Classroom, you can create assignments to post or distribute to your students. So today I’m going to talk about the specific tools in Webspiration Classroom that can help you achieve this and truly improve the way Read more »

Begin With the End in Mind: Purposeful Visual Learning

Post 33 Visual

Tweet It’s widely understood that visual learning can improve students’ comprehension, retention and critical thinking in the classroom. Yet, you can’t just throw any visual learning activity into an assignment and expect enormous results from your students. These visual learning tools, be it graphic organizers, compare and contrast diagrams, plot summaries or character analysis webs, Read more »

Jumpstart Structured Thinking With Templates

Tweet Last week I talked about how we can shift the negative paradigm of blank page syndrome to being a positive one, with Inspiration® 9 and Webspiration Classroom™ service, that encourages critical thinking, creative development and organization while beginning the writing process, organizing class materials, studying or taking notes. Yet sometimes students need more support Read more »

Shift the Paradigm of Blank Page Syndrome

Tweet Blank page syndrome is a term used to describe a type of writer’s block. You know the signs: staring at a piece of paper or computer screen with no inspiration or ideas of what to write, therefore, leaving the page blank. Many students experience blank page syndrome when they begin writing. They struggle to Read more »

QUICK LESSON: Create a Storyboard in Webspiration Classroom

Click to view a larger image of this storyboard assignment template example created in Webspiration Classroom™.

Tweet Whether it’s planning a multimedia video project, writing a play, envisioning a story, creating a comic or preparing for a presentation, storyboards are great educational tools to practice the planning of a formulaic story.1 This activity exercises students’ planning and visual thinking skills while they develop a comprehensive idea for a story’s main elements Read more »

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