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Write Visually With Outlines

An Example of an Outline in Inspiration

Tweet Educators understand the importance of the entire writing process. They know that proper pre-writing, planning and outlining improve students’ overall writing proficiency. This is why students are often required to show that they’ve moved through these steps by turning in an outline with their completed essay. Yet, how often do your students – underestimating Read more »

INSPIRED SITE: Must-See Student Examples of Inspiration and Kidspiration Diagrams

Cobb County School District page on Inspiration and Kidspiration

Tweet If you’re looking for some detailed lesson plans to jumpstart your planning around Inspiration and Kidspiration, check out this week’s featured Inspired Site on the Cobb County School District website! Its Children’s Books and Technology page for Inspiration® and Kidspiration® has some excellent lessons for Language Arts at all age levels. Here you’ll find Read more »

INSPIRED SITE: A Compelling Use of Webspiration Classroom in a Communications Arts Course

Trending Education

Tweet Trending Education, a blog that provides “tips, tricks and trends in educational technology,” highlighted Communication Arts teacher Joe B. and his use of Webspiration® BETA in a freshman speech class. This post talks about how Joe uses Webspiration BETA to teach his students how to generate the concept and main points of a speech. Read more »

Secrets to Studying: Confessions of a Visual Learner

Tweet It took me years to figure out how to read for meaning and effectively study for exams. Then I discovered ways to organize work into a map or image that I could visualize in my mind. I found that by doing so, I could grasp and retain information for longer periods of time, which Read more »

INSPIRED SITE: 50 Uses of Inspiration and Kidspiration

University of Wisconsin-Stout

Tweet January is the time for starting fresh and creating resolutions. For this week’s featured Inspired Site, I have one more New Year’s resolution to add to your list. Try incorporating at least one Inspiration® and Kidspiration® activity each week this year. To get started with some great ideas, check out the University of Wisconsin-Stout‘s Read more »

QUICK LESSON: Create a Storyboard in Webspiration Classroom

Click to view a larger image of this storyboard assignment template example created in Webspiration Classroom™.

Tweet Whether it’s planning a multimedia video project, writing a play, envisioning a story, creating a comic or preparing for a presentation, storyboards are great educational tools to practice the planning of a formulaic story.1 This activity exercises students’ planning and visual thinking skills while they develop a comprehensive idea for a story’s main elements Read more »

Anchor Students’ Learning Before Winter Break

Tweet Winter break is just two weeks away for many school districts. From now until the bell rings in mid-December, you may find your students restless and daydreaming about sleeping in, playing in the snow or enjoying a homework-free couple of weeks. Educators often say that the biggest challenge at this time of the year Read more »



Tweet December is full of winter weather, holidays and vacation from classes. Take this time as an opportunity to read a new book, write to friends and learn about winter with lessons in Inspiration and Kidspiration. We hope that these activities help you end 2010 on a fun note!



Tweet Hang up your Halloween costumes and pull out your winter coats, we’re heading into the colder months. This month we have collected Kidspiration®, Inspiration® and InspireData® lesson plan ideas and examples ranging from reading guides to recycling lessons and Thanksgiving Day activities. So as the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, incorporate Read more »

Say It Without Words

Visual Communication

Tweet Communication is commonly understood as an output or exchange of information, where thoughts are verbalized or expressed in words spoken aloud or by written means. Yet often, communication does not involve words at all. Visual communication, such as that conveyed with pictures, art or other nonlinguistic representations, is all around us in the world Read more »

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