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QUICK LESSON: A Lesson in Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect Template in Inspiration

Tweet Understanding the difference between cause and effect and how the two relate to one another is an important academic and life skill. Understanding how to create a cause and effect diagram and when to use it helps students understand why events occur  and predict what will happen in the future.1 Visual thinking cause and Read more »


This diagram from the Inspired Learning Community was created by educator Rick Reynolds in Inspiration®.

Tweet April showers bring May flowers. So, while you’re indoors with your eyes glued to the books or a computer screen, we’ve got lots of lessons to keep your classroom exciting and fun, despite the rain! This month covers everything from lessons on environmental awareness to math, poetry and even Shakespeare! Get started with Inspiration®, Read more »



Tweet Hang up your Halloween costumes and pull out your winter coats, we’re heading into the colder months. This month we have collected Kidspiration®, Inspiration® and InspireData® lesson plan ideas and examples ranging from reading guides to recycling lessons and Thanksgiving Day activities. So as the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, incorporate Read more »

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