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Common Core and Connected Educators: October Themes at Inspiration

Tweet   October is here, teacher fans! Even if you’re not facing strong winds and heavy rains like we are in Oregon, chances are you’re feeling fall in the air. This month is often filled with celebrations of things that scare us, culminating in Halloween and the bags of candy parents work so hard to Read more »

Top 5 Tips: Inspiration 9 and Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

Tweet   Eliminate barriers to learning. This is an often-faced challenge for special needs students and their teams of parents, teachers and aides. Here are five tips to customize Inspiration 9 for the special needs student. #5: Eliminate issues of visual stress It’s very common for students with Specific Learning Difficulties to suffer from visual Read more »

Back to School, Part 2! September Themes at Inspiration

Tweet Happy September, readers! Today is the first day of school here in Oregon, and we’re excited to be kicking off the year with you! Last month we gave you a teaser of Kidspiration Maps–but there’s so much more to see! Check out just a few of the colorful activities that make up our newest Read more »

Back To School, Part One! August Themes at Inspiration

Tweet Don’t get us wrong, Thinkspiration readers–we’re enjoying our summer too. But in the distance we can see the start of a bright new school year, and we want to make sure you’re prepared for it! August is all about introducing you to the newest member of the Inspiration Software, Inc ® products family: Kidspiration Read more »

GUEST POST (2 of 3): Writing From the Student Perspective

Tweet This is the second installment in Inspiration’s guest post series by Assistive Technology Consultant Andy Clarke. Enjoy! Writing From The Student Perspective: What Is Required In Higher Education, and How Can Inspiration Help? In my last article Exploring the Basics of Writing, I talked about how writing for me is made up of “ideas Read more »

Independence and Ideas: July Themes at Inspiration

Tweet Hello, Thinkspiration Readers! July’s arrived in a big way here in Portland, and we hope it’s warm where you are too! Now that we’re back from ISTE 2013 we can get down to the serious business of summer fun.

GUEST POST: Exploring the Basics of Writing–With the Help of Inspiration

Tweet This is the first in a series of 3 posts about assistive technology for students with learning disabilities. Read more about Inspiration’s DSA/SEN programs here! By Andy Clark, Assistive Technology Consultant, UK Question: Why do we write?

Looking Back and Moving Forward: June Themes at Inspiration

Tweet Happy June, Thinkspiration readers! Summer is finally here, and that means a big shift in roles for everyone involved in education. Teachers go from full classroom management to professional development, parents masterfully shift their schedules, and most importantly students head out to meet the world on their own time! Thus as we reach the Read more »

Maps and Multimedia: May Themes At Inspiration

Tweet Happy May Day, Thinkspiration readers! Along with May flowers, this month we’re focusing the attention on our award-winning mobile learning tool–an app that aids in brainstorming, visibly improves writing and helps busy professionals stay organized on the go.

From the Inspired Learning Community: Earth Day Ideas!

Tweet Happy Earth Day, readers! As we all reflect and act on ways to improve our natural environment, teachers are faced with the challenge of helping young people understand the importance of conservation. If you’re an educator and struggling to find ways to get kids actively engaged in Earth Day, why not try an idea Read more »

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