Winter Break Brainpower–Week 1!

Hello readers, and Happy Friday!

Last week we gave you a few snippets about our December social media series “Winter Break Brainpower,” aimed at highlighting features of Inspiration Maps. It’s all in the name of keeping kids engaged with learning over the holiday break!

The chill of December is upon us, and so too is the WBB series! Our Facebook page this past week featured “Civilization Analysis” as our Tuesday iPad Template. If you missed that post, check out the unique, multi-colored mind map below:

Template for Inspiration Maps for the iPad


In school, this tool allows kids to:

  • Easily describe and analyze a period of civilization
  • Take notes when first learning about  a civilization
  • Self-test before an exam.

But how about using this template for leisure reading and thinking? From Percy Jackson to Harry Potter, characters in children’s books often find themselves in the middle of complex and swirling worlds. When you’re reading aloud together before bed, this template can help your young child keep those goblins of Gringotts separate from the Hufflepuffs at Hogwarts.

If you’re looking to stimulate creative thinking in an older child, sometimes there’s no better place to turn than inward. Ask your teenager to think about the pieces of your country’s founding civilization. What are the similarities and differences between England and the United States, two of the more prominent countries in Western civilization? How do  cultural traditions practiced today  reflect China’s long and storied history? What communication methods did Japan use before texting, Tweeting and Tumblr-ing?

These kinds of questions are not only great for thinking exercises, but also provide a perfect base for exciting dinner conversation!

With only 1 shopping day left until Hanukkah and 18 until Christmas, there’s never been a better time to give the gift of graphic organizing. Head over to the App store and download Inspiration Maps for just $9.99!

FOR TEACHERS: If this looks like a good tool for when your kids are back in class–and you’re looking for lesson plans–visit and scroll down to “Social Studies Lesson Plans.” When you click on “Analyzing a Civilization,” you’ll download a lesson plan as well as a completed example template. Happy Teaching!

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