Winter Break Brainpower!

Teachers across the U.S. and around the world have all seen it: the dreaded glazed-over look in students’ eyes the first day back from winter break. Late nights, sugar, excitement and video games/TV are just a few possible factors, but the end result is the same: a tough time getting used to learning again.

At Inspiration, we know that it’s not just teachers who recognize this problem; parents are also keenly aware of how easy it is for their kids to slip a little bit between the first day of winter and the New Year. So to make everyone’s 2013 just a little luckier, we’d like to announce our “Winter Break Brainpower!” social media series for December! 

Winter Break Brainpower means that every Friday of next month, we’ll share a new template, lesson plan and other features of the ideal educational holiday gift: Inspiration Maps for the iPad.

Our app, released back in April, is an excellent way to keep your kids thinking and learning while on vacation. If you already have an iPad at home or you’re considering giving one as a gift, an extra $10 for Maps will yield a remarkable return.  Maps has high-quality templates for official classroom assignments but it’s also good for slightly less structured activities–such as writing, brainstorming, and even close reading of a for-fun book.

Only 9 shopping days until Hanukkah and 26 until Christmas Day. . .so join us in celebrating a cerebral holiday season and head over to the App Store. The gift of graphic organizing is at your fingertips!

Signing off from Inspiration HQ,

Stephanie H.

Social Media Specialist for Inspiration since 11/12. Loves STEM, environmental education, visual learning and all things related to people overcoming challenges!
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