February is a short month packed full of historical days and holidays as we honor Black History Month, celebrate President’s Day and share Valentine’s Day with our friends and family. Below are some excellent lessons in Inspiration®, InspireData® and Kidspiration® to help you take a close look at these historical days while enjoying the holidays. Which visual learning lessons do you plan on implementing this month?

2/1 Black History Month, International Friendship Month, National Wild Bird Feeding Month and Responsible Pet Owners’ Month

2/5 Western Monarch Day

2/10 Umbrella Day

2/11 National Inventor’s Day

2/12 Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

2/14 Valentine’s Day

2/21 President’s Day

2/25 Paper Currency First Introduced in the U.S.

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  1. Jen G says:

    On my website, I have combined video clips and book recommendations to create a multimedia experience for children learning about Black History Month. I have collected & shared video clips and children’s literature about everything from the Civil Rights movement to the origins of Black History month to hair texture.

    I would love to hear others’ ideas about how to use Inspiration or other graphic organizer tools with the books on my site!

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