Happy New Year! Make it a new year’s resolution to integrate more visual learning tools into your classroom this year. Begin with a few of the Inspiration®, Kidspiration® and InspireData® lesson plan ideas and examples we have provided for you in this month’s Inspired Calendar. With the anniversary of Ellis Island, Issac Newton’s Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and more, there are many opportunities to incorporate visual learning into lessons around these important events and people.

1/1 National Blood Donor Month, National Staying Healthy Month and the Anniversary of Ellis Island

1/4 Isaac Newton’s Birthday

1/5 National Bird Day

1/7 Old Rocks Day

1/13 Poetry Break Day

1/17 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1/25 Opposite Day

See you next month!

Sarah Cargill
Thinkspiration Ambassador, Inspiration Software

Social Media Specialist for Inspiration since 11/12. Loves STEM, environmental education, visual learning and all things related to people overcoming challenges!
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