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Subscription Options

Webspiration Classroom service is available as an online subscription and offers educators and students a new way to improve writing and thinking skills. There are two types of subscriptions; Individual and Volume. See details below to find the right configuration for your needs.
For use by an individual: Individual

An individual subscription provides one account for use by one person.  Exclusively configured as at "Teacher" account with unrestricted access to Collaboration, Chat and all other Webspiration Classroom features. 


For use by a class, school or district: Basic or Managed Subscription

Webspiration Classroom  subscriptions can be configured as Basic or Managed subscriptions.  All subscriptions include access  to free online support materials, including lesson plans, examples, training videos, a Quick Start Guide and a Help Center.


 Basic subscriptions provide individual accounts for each student and teacher who needs access to Webspiration Classroom. 


 Managed subscriptions include:

  • Multi-tiered administration enables master administrator to designate administrators for a school or group of schools in a district, set settings for an entire district or group of schools
  • Ability to set up "Student", "Teacher" and "Admin" accounts
  • Fast and easy set up of large numbers of accounts
  • Easy administration of multiple accounts on one screen
  • Create school-wide settings or manage accounts individually
  • Set Settings for an entire school
  • Further customize Settings at account level
  • Student Collaboration ON/OFF control
  • Student Chat ON/OFF control
  • Admin access to student and teacher account information


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System Requirements

Webspiration Classroom service requires access to the Internet and a web browser. Webspiration Classroom requires one of the following supported browsers:*

Windows®: Internet Explorer® 6.5 or greater, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.x
Macintosh®: Apple® Safari® 4.x, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.x
Linux®: Mozilla® Firefox® 3.x

*Adobe® Flash® Player 10.2 is required to run Webspiration Classroom. To get Flash Player on your own, go to: http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer

Computers must also be set to allow Flash and JavaScript to run.



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