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Improve Writing and Thinking Skills

Webspiration Classroom™ is the web-based diagramming, mapping and outlining service designed to help students brainstorm, plan, organize and write.  For districts using Chromebooks or cloud-based apps, Webspiration Classroom delivers visual learning tools, lessons and templates to support instruction in multiple subjects.

The visual thinking and learning tools in Webspiration Classroom help students prewrite and plan their writing, while also helping them apply visual thinking strategies to analyze, synthesize and retain information in any subject.  Webspiration Classroom can help students accomplish any project: from brainstorming, through research, to organizing and structuring their final report.  Built-in collaboration tools support group projects as well as instructor-student interaction.

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Use Webspiration Classroom to:

  • Brainstorm and Plan
    • Mapping and visual brainstorming helps students develop and narrow their topic for any project.
    • Graphic organizers and diagrams help guide thinking and teach critical thinking skills. 
    • Pictures help students clarify thinking, while linking tools help explain interrelationships.
  • Organize and Write
    • Move easily from concepting to writing:  diagrams convert to text outlines and vice versa.
    • Append notes to any item to capture research or expand on a topic.
    • Drag and drop outlining makes it easy to rearrange and reprioritize content. 
    • Export to word processing to complete the writing assignment.
  • Collaborate Effectively
    • Invite others to work on the same document.
    • Edits are tracked - see what changes have been made, by when and whom
    • Comment and chat spaces keep conversation separate from document edits.
  • Facilitate Teacher-Student Interaction
    • Workflow of assignments, review and feedback between educators and students.
    • Instructors can use the comment space to provide in-context feedback and guidance.
    • Homebound students and distance learners can get, complete and return assignments - all online.
  • Ideal for Chromebooks and Cloud-based Environments
    • Webspiration Classroom is a web app accessible through any browser.
    • Documents can be transferred right into Google Docs.
    • Can be configured for centralized administration.
    • Rest assured with a safe and ad-free environment.
    • Use with Inspiration®.

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