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Elementary grades:  Kidspiration 3

Middle and high school:  Inspiration 9

Kidspiration 3

 Kidspiration 3

Like all of Inspiration Software's products, Kidspiration is designed to make a positive difference in the lives of learners. Its visual thinking and learning tools can assist in meeting any student’s goals. Read on to see how it can help in your home!

MY CHILD HAS TROUBLE READING. Reading is a challenge for many elementary school students. But by replacing text with symbols and using a tool that sounds out words for your student, Kidspiration makes it easier for children to read closely and understand what they've read. Among the many reading activities included in Kidspiration are those covering letters, sounds, new vocabulary words and reading comprehension. It transforms reading from a tear-filled activity into something fun!

MY CHILD HAS TROUBLE WRITING. Teachers, parents and students all agree that writing is a frustrating process. Many students have great ideas, but they just can't seem to put those thoughts on paper. Kidspiration's connected Diagram and Outline Views take the stress out of writing. With one click of a button, any ideas your child enters and links together in Diagram View are automatically transformed into an outline! Students can easily move ideas around in the Outline View, and the included activities help kids craft more complicated writing assignments likes poems and reports.  

MY CHILD HAS TROUBLE WITH MATH. The newest tool in Kidspiration's belt, Math Facts, helps your child visualize mathematical concepts. No more messy pattern blocks or frustrating worksheets; Kidspiration makes fractions, decimals, telling time and much more accessible to any student from Kindergarten to fifth grade. Watch as your son easily manipulates shapes to find common denominators; cheer your daughter on while she masters long division.

MY CHILD HAS TROUBLE STAYING ORGANIZED. Staying on task, following directions, keeping assignments straight--these seemingly simple things can pose big challenges for children who are easily distracted. We’ve built Kidspiration to directly address these issues. The Teacher/Parent Controls feature means you can customize every activity to keep your child focused on learning. And with the power of both visual and spoken instructions, every type of young learner can get back on track!

Kidspiration offers solutions for many of the learning hurdles today's K-5 students face. Try the 30 day free trial.


Inspiration 9

Homework Help.  Writing Help.  Organization Skills.

Give your child a new path to success.  If your student gets frustrated with writing assignments, or has a hard time staying organized, try Inspiration ® 9. 


inspiration 9

Homework Help using Inspiration 9


For help composing essays, go to the Inspiration Starter Screen > Templates > Language Arts to use any of these templates:

  • Cause and Effect Essay
  • Comparison Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Three Paragraph Essay
  • Personal Narrative

Organization, Projects and Presentations

Find all of these templates at Inspiration Starter Screen > Templates > Thinking and Planning:

  • Assignment Completion Plan
  • Research Paper
  • Personal Goal
  • Persuasive Speech Plan
  • Presentation Plan
  • Project Plan



Getting Started

You and your child will appreciate how easy it is to use Inspiration 9:

  1. Install the software that you have purchased or downloaded from the free trial.

  2. You can start using the software immediately, or watch the instructional videos:

    • When the Inspiration Starter Screen appears, click "Learn to Use".
      • Select "Training Videos", then "Getting Started".
      • Watch the diagram overview and outline overview (less than 5 minutes total).
      • Close the video window.
      • Click "cancel" to return to the Starter Screen.
  3. Select "Templates"

    • For essay templates, click on "Language Arts".
    • Find organizational and project templates under "Thinking and Planning".
    • See even more templates under "Science" and "Social Studies".


Remember!  Any template that opens in Outline View can be used as a Diagram by clicking the Diagram symbol in the top toolbar.


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