InspireData - The Visual Way to Explore and Understand Data

Students use InspireData® to investigate, analyze, and represent data and information in dynamic graphs and charts. InspireData tools make it easy to change variables and plot types so students can explore data in multiple, meaningful ways. This encourages them to investigate data analytically, ask more questions, and apply their understanding of the data to form better conclusions and continue exploration. Download a free 30-day trial of InspireData today!


InspireData helps students to successfully:

  • Build data literacy
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Strengthen critical thinking

Students and teachers collect data from multiple sources including experiments, library and Internet research, user-created e-Surveys or one of the 100+ subject-specific databases that are part of InspireData. Students’ analysis and investigation includes finding the best representation for their data using multiple plot types such as Venn, bar, stack, pie, axis and time series. InspireData supports STEM initiatives and 21st century skills, and aligns with standards for science, social studies and mathematics.

Develop Data Literacy
Document and Present Analysis
Explore Data Dynamically
Jumpstart Data Collection
Grounded in Education Research



InspireData® is a powerful data analysis tool. As students visually explore data in science, mathematics and social studies, they improve data literacy and strengthen important analytical skills.

Use InspireData and move instantly from data collection to analysis


Develop Data Literacy

As students organize and analyze data, they ask meaningful questions and dig deeper to solve problems. They move beyond simply memorizing facts and start acquiring the skills of reasoning, inquiry and communication. This process builds data literacy and makes learning a richer, more meaningful experience. Learn more about how InspireData improves data literacy.

Collect and organize data 

Students use InspireData's Table View to enter, import and customize data from experiments or research activities.

In Table View, students:

  • Start with any of InspireData's 100+ content-rich databases, or create a new database by easily entering new information or importing data from the Internet or other database sources
  • Collect data anytime, anywhere using the new InspireData e-Survey tool. Create and publish an online survey to gather data, then instantly download results to jumpstart analysis.
  • Enter multiple data types easily, such as numbers, text, lists, series and formulas
  • Select and define field formats and valid list content to ensure consistent data collection
  • Customize table properties or create multiple tables within a database
  • Add notes to reference sources and provide explanations

Analyze data with multiple plot types
Venn, bar, stack, pie and axis plots offer students multiple ways to visualize and investigate data.

InspireData's multiple plot types

In Plot View, students:

  • Change plot variables, setting axis labels to further explore data
  • View data as it changes over time with animated time series
  • Customize plots with labels, colors and unique icons
  • Use the Slide Show feature to capture and present analysis
  • Add notes to document processes and observations
  • Perform calculations and use basic statistical tools, such as mean, media and summary counts, to support conclusions and summarize data
  • Display line of best fit and line graphs in axis plots to connect data points or to clarify data relationships and investigate trends

 Document and Present Analysis

Communicate findings with slide show

The slide show feature enables students to capture the sequence of data analysis and present their work. They can continue investigation throughout a project using the live data that resides in each slide. Students also use a slide show to document findings and conclusions to support project completion.

Add details with notes

Using Notes, students can add explanations or document processes and observations. Teachers can use Notes to give students project instructions or feedback.   

Explore Data Dynamically 

Venn, bar, stack, pie and axis plots
Students analyze data using integrated plots and determine the most appropriate way to visualize information.


Use InspireData to view data as it changes over time

View data as it changes over time using an animated time series


Customizable icons
Easily recognize patterns and bring more visual meaning to plots with customizable icons. Students can create or import icons or choose from more than 100 icons in InspireData's library.


InspireData allows for customizable icons


Statistical tools and formulas
Students use statistical tools and formulas to support conclusions and summarize data.

More plot options

Display line of best fit and line graphs in axis plots to connect data points or to clarify data relationships and investigate trends.

Jumpstart Data Collection 

Database templates and 100+ databases
Use database templates with predefined structure to guide data collection and get started quickly with more than 100 content-rich databases. 

Grounded in Education Research

Originally funded under a grant from the National Science Foundation, InspireData has been developed by TERC and published by Inspiration Software. TERC is a leading educational research and development lab committed to improving mathematics and science teaching and learning.