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System Requirements

Webspiration Classroom service requires access to the Internet, a web browser and the latest version of Adobe® Flash® Player.

Webspiration Classroom is supported by the following web browsers:
Windows®: Internet Explorer® 6.5 or greater, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.x
Macintosh®: Apple® Safari® 4.x, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.x
Linux®: Mozilla® Firefox® 3.x

Webspiration Classroom requires the latest version of Adobe® Flash® Player.  To see if you have Flash installed, or to find out which version you are running, visit  If not previously installed, Webspiration Classroom will attempt to automatically download and install Flash. 

Make sure your computer is set to allow Flash and JavaScript to run, since both are needed to use Webspiration Classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I try the service before I purchase it? 

A: Yes! You can try it yourself with a free 30-day trial


Q: I am currently using a Webspiration beta account. Can I use the same email address to try out the Webspiration Classroom 30-day trial subscription?

A: Webspiration Classroom allows a given email address to be associated with only one account. You can change or remove that email address by clicking My Account on the Starter Screen, then changing the email field. Then, you can sign up for a free Webspiration Classroom 30-day trial subscription or purchase a 1-m 2- or 3-year subscription.


Q: What happens if I have a trial account or an individual account then get an account through my school?

A: You can either move documents to the new account and remove them from the old account or keep both accounts and use one personally and one with your students, sharing documents across your accounts.


Q: I have a new Webspiration Classroom account and want to access the documents I created in a preexisting Webspiration Classroom account. How can I do that?

A: If you have a preexisting personal or trial Webspiration Classroom account, you can click Move Documents from Another Account button located in My Account to move documents to the new account and remove them from the old account and use the Collaboration Panel to invite your new account to collaborate on the selected documents. Then, you can use the Manage Sharing settings to make your new Webspiration Classroom account the owner of the shared documents.


Q: I got a message saying that my email address was already in use by Webspiration.

A: Webspiration Classroom allows a given email address to be associated with only one account. You can change or remove that email address my clicking My Account on the Starter Screen, then changing that email field.


Q: Is Webspiration Classroom the same as Inspiration?

A: Though Inspiration for the desktop and Webspiration Classroom share some similar tools and functionality, they are two different products. However, if you are working in Webspiration Classroom, you can upload or download from Inspiration.


Q: Do students need email in order to use Webspiration Classroom's collaborative features?

A: No, Webspiration Classroom can be configured so that email is not required or allowed. In these cases, students can communicate with other students in their school via Webspiration Classroom's built-in Message Center.


Q: Will my documents be secure and private?

A: Yes. Access to the Webspiration Classroom server is strictly controlled via firewall. Your documents will remain private unless you invite collaborators and/or viewers. Robots and spiders can't get to your documents, so they won't appear in any search index.


Q: How long can I keep my documents?

A: Your documents are available as long as you have a current Webspiration Classroom account.


Q: How many people can share a document?

A: There is no limit to the number of people that can share a document.


Q: How does same-time collaboration work? 

A: When multiple users are working on the same document, Webspiration Classroom automatically switches them between active and inactive states, so that their edits do not conflict.


Q: How many people can collaborate on a single document at the same time? 

A: There is no technical limit to the number of collaborators that you can have on a single document at the same time, although changes to the document and comments may become more difficult to manage with a large number of collaborators.


Q: How do I subscribe to Webspiration Classroom service?

A: Visit the Webspiration online store or email


Q: How do I get new versions?

A: Webspiration Classroom is automatically updated to the latest version when you log in.


Q: I'm having trouble printing--any ideas?

A: Printing issues are often related to mismatches between Webspiration and Adobe's Flash and/or the driver for the printer you're using. You can try updating either of the latter, but there are a couple of simple workarounds that might be a better bet for occasional printing. One, use "Publish to a Web Page" (on the Share menu) to create a web page from your diagram or outline, then print that page using your browser's print command. Two, click "Download as Word Document..." on the Document menu, then print your diagram or text from within MS Word.


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