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November 27, 2019 Update: After extensive consideration, we have decided to close Inspiration Software effective November 27, 2019. This was not an easy decision, and we thank you for the support you hae given us over the years. We are no longer providing customer service and tech support for Inspiration 9, Kidspiration 3, Webspiration Classroom, WebspirationPRO or InspiredData. 



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The current version is 1.5 for Windows; 1.5b for Macintosh.

Version 1.5 for Windows (released September 2007)

Version 1.5b for Macintosh (released October 2011)


System Requirements


Windows® : XP or higher, including Windows 8

Macintosh®  : OS X 10.4 or higher



  • Internet connection*
  • QuickTime® 


  • Interactive electronic whiteboard

* For downloaded products, the computer on which the downloaded product is installed must be connected to the Internet for the product to be activated.

Upgrade Information

Learn what's new in InspireData!

Download the InspireData 1.5b free upgrade

Now with Mac OS X Lion Support!

Windows - version 1.5
Mac OS X users who purchased a download - version 1.5b
Mac OS X users who purchased a CD, please contact technical support - version 1.5b

Quick Tour

See first hand how InspireData® helps students grades 4-12 explore and understand data!

View the InspireData Quick Tour, a tutorial illustrating the key features of InspireData. You'll see how easy it is for students to move instantly from data collection to data analysis with the integrated Table and Plot Views. They create multiple plot types to explore and interact with data to identify patterns, trends and relationships, to solve problems and build their own conclusions. 

In addition to the system requirements listed below, you will need a QuickTime® player to view the Quick Tour. To get QuickTime, click here.


Quick Tour System Requirements

Power Macintosh G3 or greater
Mac OS 9.2 or later
64 MB installed RAM
800x600 color display


Windows 98, 2000, NT 4.0, ME, XP or Vista
64 MB installed RAM
800x600 color display  

Quick Start Tutorial

Download the InspireData quick start tutorial

To view this file you may need to install Adobe® Reader®.


This tutorial is a great starting point for learning how to use InspireData. You'll learn how InspireData's multiple plot views help students investigate and analyze data in science, mathematics and social studies.

The tutorial walks you through creating a table and manipulating data in InspireData's multiple plot views. The small, manageable mini-lessons make it easy to learn the basics quickly. Before you know it, you'll be ready to use InspireData to visualize, investigate and understand data in your own classroom!

Use this tutorial when you download your trial version and when you begin using your own copy of InspireData. 

Contact Technical Support

With the shut down of our company, we are no longer proving personal tech support for our products.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I've purchased InspireData as a download. Where do I go to download it?
Visit the link below, then follow the instructions listed there.

Q: When I start InspireData by double-clicking a file, everything works okay, but sometimes an error message appears saying "Cannot find file or one of its components."
This is a Windows-only timing issue, but doesn't prevent application launch or file opening, so please ignore it.

Q: Launch problems can occur on Power-PC (not Intel) based Macs originally set up with a minimum install.
If you do run into an issue, here's how to fix it. For OS 10.3x systems, insert disk 2 of your OS X install disk, double-click on InstallCD2.mpkg, select Custom Install, deselect all options except Internet Explorer from the Additional Applications list and then click Upgrade. For OS 10.4x, run Software Update, deselect all updates except Mac OS X Update Combined and click Install. In either case, reboot your Mac after the install/update has completed.

If you'd like help implementing either of these fixes, or if they don't work for you, please contact tech support.

Q: I double-click an InspireData file on my Windows-based computer, but InspireData doesn't start and I get an error message.
It probably means that you're running InspireData from a network server. When InspireData is installed on a server, the file association is not set. To work around this, either set the file association-check with your network admin for help if necessary-or simply open the file using the Open File command on the InspireData starter screen (or the Open command on the File menu).

Q: I have a Mac with Parental Controls enabled. Now InspireData will not launch.
Disable Parental Controls and re-install InspireData. Leave Parental Controls off to run InspireData.

Copy and Paste

Q: A copied row icon will only paste to a single row even if multiple rows are selected.
The workaround for this limitation is to paste the copied icon row by row.

Q: My plot won't copy--what can I do?
If you're on a Windows system, which is where this problem crops up occasionally, try turning down hardware acceleration. To do that, right-click on the desktop and choose Properties from the menu that displays. In the dialog that appears, click the Settings tab, then the Advanced button on that tab. In the dialog that opens, click the Performance or Troubleshoot tab (whichever one has the hardware acceleration slider control in it). Move that slider to "None" and click OK. If asked to restart, do so.


Q: I can't get the printout of my plot to scale on the Mac.
A: Try printing out from the Windows machine. Also, table view printouts can be scaled, so that's another option in some situations.

Q: I canged the printer margins, but it had no effect.
A: You can't change the preset printer margins, but that shouldn't be a problem in practice, since the 1" default margin should work with most printers.

Q: My plot won't print--what can I do?
If you're on a Windows system, which is where this problem crops up occasionally, try printing to a different printer. If another printer's not available, or that doesn't work, then try turning down hardware acceleration. To do that, right-click on the desktop and choose Properties from the menu that displays. In the dialog that appears, click the Settings tab, then the Advanced button on that tab. In the dialog that opens, click the Performance or Troubleshoot tab--the location varies with Windows version--and move the hardware acceleration slider control to the "none" setting. Click OK; if asked to restart, do so.

Plot View

Q: I can't scroll to see all the fields in a record pop-up.
Right click on the record icon and select "Edit this record." That will take you back to the Table view, where all the data is displayed.

Q: I clicked the Compute summary data icon, but nothing happened.
Click the word "Field" displayed next to that icon and select the field you want to summarize.

Q: Some icons in my Venn diagram aren't in the right loop
A: This apparent error can occur when the program is storing more decimal places than are displayed. To check this, select the field in question in Table View, then choose Field Format from the Field Type icon on the toolbar. Increase the number of decimal places displayed in the control of that same name, then click OK and see if icon location now makes sense.

Table View

Q: I can't drag-select table rows that aren't currently visible on my Windows machine.
To work around this, click on the first row in your selection, hold down the Shift key, scroll to the last record you want to select and click it.

Q: In multi-series fields, the date format is not being changed correctly when using a hyphen between month, day and year.
A: To avoid the problem, use "/" rather than "-".


Q: I can't export the table I just duplicated.
A: Right-click on the duplicated table name (in the tab control), click Table Properties and remove the colon from the default name (or change the name altogether, if you like). The table will now export.


Q: How big can my table be in InspireData?
On most computers, InspireData will perform well with tables containing up to 50 columns and 3,000 rows.

Q: I've misplaced the ID of the eSurvey ID I posted.
On the computer you published the survey from, click View eSurvey Log on the File menu. Your survey ID will be listed there.

Q: I just upgraded to ActivInspire on my Promethean whiteboard and now handwriting regognition doesn't work anymore.
Inspiration applications do not support handwriting recognition under the latest version of Promethean's software, although most other features should work as expected. However, we do support ActivStudio 3, Promethean's next most recent major version, for handwriting regognition on the PC and Mac (on the latter, prior to OS 10.6, for which a separate issue exists).


Q: I tried updating my trial version to v1.5 and now I get an error message
The 1.5 updater wasn't intended to work on a trial version. Instead, uninstall the version you have now, then download and install the new trial from scratch. Note: the length of the trial period is still 30 days from when you first installed the previous trial.