Integrate Inspiration® 9 into your Curriculum


High school and college students:

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How-To Training Videos from Atomic Learning
Getting Started

Starting a new Inspiration file

Exploring Inspiration's views


Diagram View

Add ideas with the Create tool

Using the RapidFire tool

Adding ideas with point and type

Moving an idea symbol

Using the Link tool

Changing a link connection point

Formatting a link

Adding symbols from the Symbols palette

Searching the symbol libraries

Working with notes in Diagram View

Using the Arrange tool


Map View

Add central idea and branch text

Adding topics with Quick Control

Using the RapidFire tool

Rearranging topics and branches

Enhancing with color and symbols

Using relationship links

Working with notes in Map View


Shared Formatting
and Output Options

Using the Word Guide

Creating hyperlinks

Inserting a graphic

Adding multimedia

Showing a checklist

Transferring work
to a word processor

Exporting to other formats

Using built-in audio tools

Outline View

Switching to Outline View

Selecting topics in Outline View

Adding a topic under the main idea

Changing the topic level

Showing/hiding topics and notes

Showing link text and symbols

Working with notes in Outline View

Sorting your outline

Changing the prefix labels

Splitting topics

Presentation Manager

Creating a new presentation

Sorting slides

Creating new slides

Duplicating and splitting slides

Working with containers

Editing talking points

Adding custom snapshots

Modifying presentation theme

Creating custom themes

Using reveals

Using transitions

Adding imported images

Adding videos and sounds

Playing a presentation

Using auto play options

Using speaker notes

Presenting on computers
without Inspiration 9

Deleting a presentation
and starting over

Other Resources    
  Examples & Ideas

Language Arts Examples

Social Studies Examples

Science Examples

Thinking and Planning Examples

Training and Presentation Scripts


Built-in Templates: Don't forget, choose from over 100 graphic organizer templates within Inspiration to provide guidelines and help start projects quickly. Use them across the curriculum, templates are available for English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Thinking and Planning. To access, from the Starter Screen, select Templates.


Textbook Connections: Many leading education textbook publishers have chosen graphic organizers as a core strategy to improve learning outcomes. They use graphic organizers within textbooks to present new information and concepts, and they give recommendations on how to use graphic organizers with student activities in their teacher guides and classroom materials. Access these resources here.


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