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Inspiration® Software Partners

Inspiration® Software has collaborated with the following companies and publishers to develop and provide materials that support and enhance the effective integration of Inspiration®, Kidspiration® and InspireData® into the classroom.


Strategic Partners
Textbook Connections



Strategic Partners


Atomic LearningAtomic Learning is dedicated to providing educational resources that allow teachers, students and learners of all ages to embrace technology. Their short, easy-to-view-and-understand online tutorials are a great anytime/anywhere resource for answers to those “How do I do that?” questions. 

Browse Atomic Learning’s online library of free Inspiration Software tutorials:

For additional tutorials, contact Atomic Learning.



Sublime Learning

Sublime Learning™ delivers professional learning designed to unleash the instructional power of Kidspiration® and Inspiration®. Their unique offering integrates effective teaching strategies with expertise on innovative use of Kidspiration and Inspiration. Beyond how-to, they focus on using technology to achieve K-12 instructional goals for reading, writing, math and thinking skills across the curriculum. To move from ideas to classroom practice, Sublime employs professional learning best practices, and instructors provide foundational knowledge, models, practice and feedback over time.


Educators complete Sublime Learning programs with a better understanding of how to use Inspiration and Kidspiration to encourage creative and critical thinking, increase differentiated instruction, and engage students more deeply in their own learning process.




VariQuestPrint poster-sized Inspiration 9 documents to engage collaborative and whole-class visual learning with the VariQuest™ Poster Maker. Optimized to work together, Inspiration and the VariQuest Poster Maker allow you to seamlessly enlarge, print and display Inspiration's Diagram, Map and Outline View documents to:

  • Show relationships between ideas to explain concepts
  • Jumpstart brainstorming
  • Clearly communicate assignment and classroom expectations
  • And more!

Inspiration 9.0a is compatible with both the VariQuest Plus 3000 and the Poster Maker 3600. Click here for more information on VariQuest Visual Learning Tools.

Inspiration Software and VariQuest share a passion for visual thinking and learning. Teachers use the technologies together to diagram and display assignment instructions, show work examples, post an outline of rules, and in other creative ways. Students complete assignments using Inspiration and make class presentations using the posters as visual aids. works with K-12 administrators and teachers to improve student learning through its curriculum solutions and
assessments. With a focus on saving teachers time, provides web-based resources and materials on its Sky digital learning environment. Inspiration Software is a proud inSky App partner of the inSky Provider Program and has worked with to incorporate Webspiration Classroom in the Sky digital learning environment. Click here to learn more about and this program.



EduTone™ helps educators create world-class school environments with
one integrated solution for their learning, communication and collaboration needs. Their products and services are delivered through customized educational portals that integrate K-12 education specific content and software application channels, delivered securely over the web as hosted and managed services.

The EduTone Xchange Mobile Edition is an on-demand services delivery platform that includes Inspiration Software’s recently released Webspiration Classroom™. The ETX Mobile Edition features role-based
provisioning and Single Sign-On capabilities that empower schools to customize services delivery to each unique end user’s personal mobile device.


Textbook Connections


Many leading education textbook publishers have chosen graphic organizers as a core strategy to improve learning outcomes. They use graphic organizers within textbooks to present new information and concepts, and they give recommendations on how to use graphic organizers with student activities in their teacher guides and classroom materials.














 Download Inspiration and Kidspiration templates to use with activities and projects found in Zaner-Bloser’s Strategies for Writers’ textbooks and notebooks. Using these graphic organizers with process writing will help your students systematically and confidently plan and organize their writing in five critical modes: Narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive and test writing. 











Pearson Scott Foresman